The Internet of Things revolution is here!

"You can not control and improve, what you can not measure"

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Power Generation

Using our IoT suite of technologies and practices, power generation companies can further streamline their operations for accurate monitoring of fuel consumption, generated power and other electrical parameters. Combine these with reliable inventory and work order management, power generation companies can realize improved profits and service delivery derived from highly optimized operations.

Electric & Water Utility

Our IoT suite for utilities is designed to improve delivery of electrical power and water to the customers of the utility company. By implementing Smart Grids and Smart Water Networks, utility companies can effectively address losses from Non-Revenue-Water or faulty power lines. By utilizing IoT, utility operations can immediately identify problem areas and take corrective action to minimize downtime.

Real Estate

Our IoT suite for Real Estate addresses concerns regarding security, electricity and water consumption, and control of supported appliances. Our security modules are a perfect complement to CCTV installations to provide comprehensive access control and intrustion detection features. Our Energy Management module address budgetary concerns to minimize wasteful use of energy and water resources.


Our IoT solution for restaurants focus on safety, raw materials quality, electricity and water consumption, and environmental parameters such as temperature, air flow, humidity. Aside from raw materials quality, our solution also provides insight on customer convenience and optimal use of appliances and equipments for function rooms.


Our IoT solution for Petroleum companies initially involved monitoring of delivery tankers. We have since evolved our solution to include remote switching of valves to avoid dispensing of petroleum products in areas not covered by the specific deliveries. Our solution can also provide petroleum companies the ability to remotely monitor remaining volume in the customer storage tanks.


Our IoT solution for manufacturing covers our standard Energy Management and Environmental modules. The focus of our solution is on efficient use of equipment, efficient loading of materials to transport vehicles, safety. For food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, our solutions also significantly help in maintaining the quality of the raw materials and the end product.

Transport & Logistics

Nowadays, the most common IoT solution is the tracking of vehicles, mobile assets, and people, using a various forms of GPS Trackers. While we have been providing such solutions for years, we now have further expanded the IoT application to include preventive maintenance and transport management.


Our IoT experience in telecommunications involve environmental monitoring of host exchange facitlities, data centers, and cabinets. We also installed monitoring devices for ATS, generators, and offices.


Our IoT suite for Home Automation covers security,safety, energy management, and control of lights and supported appliances. The security features of our product is the perfect complement to CCTV, giving homeowners more coverage in areas that they want to secure.


Pixillusion is a pioneer in the providing meaningful and practical information technology solutions in the Philippines. Over the years, we have provided our customers with solutions for security, location intelligence, and transport management.

Over the years, we have gained experience which enabled us to further develop our product offerings. Today, our core product offerings focus on the emerging technology known as the "Internet of Things".